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Diploma in Civil Engineering to A.R. Kalsekar Polytechnic :
Diploma in Civil Engg, a three year program me divided into six semesters, was added to the existing disciplines in the academic year 2008 -09 with a batch of 60 students. Since then the Civil Dept has undergone rapid development and in the current academic year, the sanctioned intake has been increased to 180.

Laboratory infrastructure :

Name of Lab Purpose
Concrete Technology Lab Testing of building materials like concrete, aggregates, cement, sand, etc for determining their properties and characteristics
Survey Lab To learn how to find the elevation, location of various points with respect to a fixed point on earth’s surface.
Hydraulics Lab Study of fluid under various types of pressure exerted either due to the position of the fluid, applied pressure, shape of the container, impact, etc
Geotechnical Engg Lab Analysis of soil with respect to various characteristics, viz. compressive strength, voids present, porosity, consolidation of soil particles, compaction under load, etc
Mechanics Lab To demonstrate and clarify the basic principles of mechanics
Material Testing Lab To determine the properties and characteristics of  engg materials like compressive strength, impact strength, hardness, tensile strength, etc
Civil Drawing Hall Arrangement for comfortably working on various building designs, Survey sheets, etc
Environmental Engg Lab Study of the various pollutants present and their magnitude in soil, water; the oxidation in various bodies, the biological and chemical oxygen demand actually present and compared with standard pH values of a medium, measurement of noise, soil and water pollution, etc.
AutoCAD Lab Computer facilities for students to work on civil engg. Software.
Model Room Space dedicated to new trends in civil engineering, specimens of variety of building materials, 3D-models, perspective views, model-cum-details of projects of ex-students, various manuals and publications related to building plans, interior decoration, etc.

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